Online Colleges

Online Colleges

hi everybody it’s broke again with another article today I wanted to talk about online college is it right for you well I know that it was right for me because I go to online college with southern New Hampshire University and I love it and I know for sure that it was the right choice for me personally to make but there are definitely some pros and cons to go into college online and I thought that I would share those with you in case you’re trying to decide whether or not .

Online Colleges

you should go to online college whether you should go back to school online whatever it is you’re going through I wanted to help you make that decision so without further ado let’s get started we’ll start with the pros of going to college online pro number one is that you can pick your own schedule whenever you want to go to school at least for my school specifically I know that there are some where you have to log in every day or whatever for at least five minutes I don’t know how it works but with my school specifically I can go online and go to class whenever I want to I don’t it doesn’t matter if it’s a Sunday.

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it doesn’t matter if it’s 3:00 in the morning I can go to college whenever I want to so I can really plan my schedule around it and it makes everything so much easier because it’s just so flexible the second Pro is that you can literally go to college anywhere and it’s never going to interrupt your schedule for example what I mean by this I could move to Costa Rica tomorrow and my schoolwork would be completely unaffected and I could still be going to school with southern New Hampshire University and if that’s so great to me because I love to travel I love to just go places on a whim and just be like you know what I want to get out of here for two weeks and as long as the place has Wi-Fi I can go to school still which is awesome awesome awesome in my opinion third pro is probably my personal favorite you can go to school naked and nobody will know a fourth Pro is that it’s typically cheaper than going to college the regular way I know personally with my school I do have to pay a little bit more but because my classes go by a lot faster so I have to it might seem like I’m paying more but I’m really not because I just go through more classes more quickly.

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if that makes any sense Pro number five of going to college online is that usually you only take two classes at one time at the most typically one to two I know that with my specific school you have to like be a really really good student and I have a super high GPA to even be considered into taking three classes at one time.

so yeah it helps for people who are either really busy already have a super busy work schedule or they’re a parent or they just get overwhelmed with a lot of work really easily because you only have two classes to take at one time so there’s really not too much to get overwhelmed about a final Pro Pro number six to go into online college is the fact that your peers are going to be from all different walks of life all different colors and shapes and um from all different backgrounds doing all different occupations of all ages and that’s really really cool because growing up in a small small town upper-middle class or just middle-class.

I don’t really know how that all works but growing up in a small town I was not surrounded by a very diverse peer group so going to college online you’re going to talk to 50 year old moms and grandmas you’re going to talk to eighteen year olds in the military like who are at a base hundreds of miles away like you you talk to everybody and that’s really really banned now it’s the time of the article¬† where we talk about the cons of going to college online but first con is that you are going to have to have some self-control because if you’ve got an internet tab open with your schoolwork and you can just click one little mouse click over and be on Netflix or Pinterest or other social media you’re going to get distracted pretty easily.

so you’ve got to have a little bit of self control to be able to just be like okay you know what I’m just going to sit here and do my homework and that’s it number two although I said that you do get to talk to people from all walks of life that is true but you typically are not going to make friends the traditional way if you’re going to make any lasting friendships at all.

I don’t know if this is just because I’m not very um interested in making friends with online college or what but since you’re not going to be actually seeing them you’re only going to be talking to them for like eight weeks because that’s how long classes normally are it you’re just not going to make very many friends going to online college so if that’s what you want to go to college for to make friends.

then online college might not be the option for you Khan number three is that there aren’t going to be any college parties for you to party yet because you’re going on a computer so if that bothers you then that’s a con the final con con number four is that you will be lacking in face-to-face interaction with your professors and your fellow students and that’s really hard for some people.

I know the only time I really struggled with that was during math when I had to take a couple math courses because I’m just not the best with it so not being able to have the teacher right in front of me writing the stuff down on the board to help me understand that was a bit tricky so if that’s how most classes are for you maybe online would not be a good option however since those math classes I’ve never had a problem and I actually kind of prefer it that if that bothers you if you need that face-to-face student-teacher interaction then online college might not be the option for you although a lot of teachers do videos and post them and like do live class videos that you can watch on your computer so you can see it in a classroom type setting but um it’s still not literally in the same room so that can get a little difficult I mean really that’s it it’s you plain and simple there are pros or cons as there are to everything and life personally.

I would highly recommend going to college online especially if you like to travel if you want the flexibility and if you’re going to go back to school as an adult with a full time job or two full time jobs and a family and really busy schedule whatever you have going on I think that online college is a great thing to implement into your schedule as something big major lighting change just happen I’m sorry about that but it’s a really good option to implement into your busy schedule to advance your career to advance your degree whatever it is that you want to do with online college but if you lack the self-discipline or you need that face-to-face interaction maybe there are other options or a different option that would be a lot better suited to your life and what you need

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