Top 10 Banks in India 2019

Hello, everyone, we are going to see who are the top 10 banks in India in the year 2019 that there’s a very interesting topic that will only help you to gain knowledge and also gain an understanding on the top 10 Indian banks of our country.


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Now currently the nation has about 26 public sector banks 25 private sector banks and 43 worldwide banks and several scheduled and cooperative banks working would in the Indian” economics ┬ábut the dominating position in the market is enjoyed by the public sector banks which owned nearly 80 percent of the market share now can you imagine 80 percent of the market share is owned by public sector banks.


  1. State Bank of India

So these banks play the major role the most important role in our banking system so who is the number one bank of a country its State Bank of India now the slogan of State Bank of India is the banker to every Indian the chairman of SBA as on date is Rajesh Kumar SBA has a market capitalization of two lakh fifty three thousand eight hundred and fifty nine cores which is huge now State Bank of India is the largest and one of the oldest banks operating in India.

It is a government-owned company established in 1955 and has its headquarters in Mumbai so if someone will ask you which is the number one bank in India you can easily say it’s SBI.

  1. Bank of Baroda

Tthe number two Bank of India is Bank of Baroda with a market capitalization of thirty-eight thousand six hundred and ninety course.

Ravi Venkatesh and is the non-executive chairman with PS jayakumar MD and CEO now the slogan of Bank of Baroda is India’s international bank it was established in 1908 Bank of Baroda is the second largest nationalized Bank having its headquarters in Vadodara in Gujarat in corporate office in Mumbai the third largest bank in India.

  1. IDBI Bank

In fact the third most top Bank of India is IDBI Bank the mdn CEO of IDI IDBI Bank is B Shriram with the market capitalization of 24 corrode 188 crores.

This Bank stands at the third position an Indian financial system the slogan for IDI Bank is banking for all and it is counted among the largest commercial banks of India the bank was established in 1964 and its headquarters is in Mumbai.

  1. Punjab National Bank


Tthe 4th bank of a country is Punjab National Bank with the market capitalisation of 24,000 188 crores Sunil Mehta is the MD and CEO of Punjab National Bank it was established in 1895 in Lahore under the leadership of Lala Lajpat Rai as a part of Swadeshi movement Punjab National Bank has its headquarters in New Delhi.

  1. Canara Bank

The fifth bank of the country is Canara Bank the slogan of this bank is together we can with the market capitalization of 19 thousand 397 crores Kandra Bank stands at number 5 in the Indian financial system TN manoharan is the chairman in Rakesh Sharma is the MD and CEO of Canara Bank it is in it is a state-owned commercial bank providing banking financial services it was established in 1906 and it has had waters in Bangaluru.

  1. Central Bank of India

The 6th bank of the country is Central Bank of India with a market capitalization of 17,000 698 crores Rajeev Rishi is the chief managing director of Central Bank of India the slogan of Central Bank of India is central to you since 1911 because this bank was established on 21st December 1911 the bank has its headquarters in Mumbai.

  1. Bank of India

The 7th bank in terms of size and market capitalization in India is Bank of India its slogan is relationship beyond banking its market capitalization is 16,000 52 crores now Bank of India was established on September 7 1968 quarters is in Mumbai Bank of India is a founder member of Swift which is a great achievement and G padmanaban is the non-executive chairman with Dina bundu mohapatra as MD and CEO number.

  1. .Indian bank

8th  Bank in India is Indian bank whose slogan is your own Bank PS Venkat Subramanyam is the non-executive chairman and Kishore play Raja Caruth MD and CEO with the market capitalization of fifteen thousand three hundred and forty point five two crores Indian Bank stands at number eight in our country it is a state-owned financial service company established in 1907 and its headquarters and in Chennai number.

  1. Union Bank of India

Nine Bank of India is Union Bank of India with market capitalization of nine thousand four hundred nine for course the MD and CEO is Raj Kiran Raji it was established on November 11 1919 in Mumbai the Union Bank of India was initially started as a limited company after nationalization in 1969 the bank turned into a commercial bank.

  1. Vidya Bank

Now the tenth bank has per market capitalization in India is Vidya Bank with the market capitalisation of seven thousand nine hundred and thirty five point seven four crores which year Bank was founded on 23rd October 1931 by a small farmer group in Mangalore the bank has its corporate office in Bengaluru its slogan is a friend you can bank upon so I’m sure these ten top ten banks have given you a great insight and knowledge about the banks which plays such an important role of giving Indians we the people a sound financial system so if you have liked this article you can the like article you can also share this article on social media.

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