Webex Costs

Webex Costs

in today’s entrepreneurial ideas video the eirick Cisco WebEx with you where you can easily enjoy unlimited voice and video meetings that – with screen sharing see now as an entrepreneur whether it’s a big or a small organization irrespective of that when it comes to actually meeting up with personnel especially those who are located elsewhere.

you know you end up spending a lot of time and a lot of money on commuting this thanks to Cisco barracks you can actually save on all of that and yet be able to communicate in real time face to face so that’s why we thought we’ll share this with you today because there are so many reasons for which we are doing so because especially when it comes to trying it free as well as seeing pricing because there are discount options available at the moment each way you’ll find that it is more than worth it.

so please do continue watching now first of all you know what we’ve done for your benefit is that we’ve actually provided the direct link to this exact same landing page in the description of this video in doing so once you click on that you get to this page where you can see all the benefits of Cisco WebEx for yourself starting with the fact that you get to have new ways to work together from the leader in team work because after all cisco is a name which is it doesn’t need to be said much about already.

Webex Costs

so well-known and thanks to this video conferencing facility you’ll have so many more advantages coming your way then beyond that you’ve got you know absolutely gorgeous Cisco WebEx video if you look at the video quality it’s this good you know so that’s why it’s as good as meeting up in person it’s pretty much the same the video quality the audio quality is also very good if it’s absolutely crystal clear it’s like you know you’re meeting instantly in a personal room with a unique URL.

so that’s pretty much how it is and it’s very easy you can join from any browser device or system just by answering the phone there is no dialing involved there are no access code and of course there is no extra charge involved whatsoever ultimately what you’re getting big ideas great meetings and wide-open spaces that’s what you’re getting with this and we also want to emphasize that you are not limited to systems you know you can actually be able to communicate using smart phones as well .

Webex Costs

so all of this is you know actually coming your way all thanks to Cisco WebEx now with that done we want to show you both the free as well as the pricing options like for instance if you would like to try it free which is what you should probably look at doing you know you can always kick start proceedings by trying it free you can have video meetings of up to three people and there’s no credit card required all you need to do is fill up this short form and see now my location being in the UK .

this is what is chosen you are if you let’s see in the US or Canada or anywhere else that is what will be Joel will be reflected you create an account with this particular form in question which is again very simple you enter your first name your last name your company email address password that’s pretty much get you know you agree to Cisco’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy and that’s it you create your account that’s it you’re good to go and with this what you get is you’ll get premium 25 features free for the first 14 days so for the first fortnight you can actually enjoy all of the features that include meetings of up to 25 people you choose what you screen share you can always keep the rest private and you can join both by phone as well as by VoIP .

Webex Costs

there’s no obligation to continue but you yourself will find the benefits to be so good that you’ll definitely want to continue so that’s something which we wanted to highlight the fact that you know there is this trial option which you should definitely consider you just need to go get onto this page of course we’ve provided the direct page you simply need to click on that and choose the try it free option that’s it and beyond that of course let’s look at the pricing aspect as well because there are some good news here too what happens is there are these three plans premium 8 premium 25 and premium 100 in terms of features actually they’re all the same it’s all about the number of people can be there that can be their per meeting amia made up to eight people per meeting premium 25 up to 25 people per meeting and premium 100 is up to hundred people so if you’re a large organization and you’re probably meeting up with different kinds of people at different times .

so then this is the plan which is recommended either way what you find is that the versus the monthly option if you go for the annual plan you’ll be saving a lot of money now this premium 100 that is where there’s good news because regularly it works out to 69 per month you can actually get it for 49 per month and you’ll plan and the regular price is actually 89 so this itself is being offered at $20 less you can save an additional $20 if you go for the annual plan.

so that’s something which is definitely recommended with any premium plan as we mentioned that it is apart from the fact that the number of people differ with any of these plans you get all of this which includes video conferencing which is fullscreen up to 7 video feeds aa split screen you get to share applications or your whole screen you get to enjoy VoIP or phone : you’ve got markup tools and whiteboard you’ve got record the ability to record meetings including video you’ve got free mobile apps and you can share the presenter role just doesn’t end there there are additional features as well such as the ability to schedule meetings an Outlook you can remote control someone’s desk top you’ve got password-protected meetings.

Webex Costs

so you know when and anytime you have confidential meetings you can keep them password protected then there’s chat which is in meeting and cloud space this whole thing is compatible with all of operating systems be it PC Mac or Linux that is not an issue anytime you need help there’s live 24 by 7 support an offer and of course you get a lot of Cisco security and reliability which is pretty much a given you know given the fact that Cisco’s behind all of this security and reliability is not an issue at all now beyond this you can actually add the call me feature as well there’s no dialing or password involved you can simply add call me to any Premium plan.

let your meeting call you wherever you are just answering your in that’s it your attendees can also do the same toll-free these are some of the plans as far as called me is concerned remember this is an optional aspect which you can add if you think it’s required it’s of course very useful so if you need this then you might as well go for it these are the prices for US and Canada and if you would like to include Western Europe then these are the prices for that now you can also choose the number of monthly minutes that you need so all in all we wanted to showcase all of this in today’s video we are certain that irrespective of the size of the organization this is something which you’ll find very very useful the fact that Cisco WebEx has this unlimited voice and video meet meetings facility all thanks to Cisco WebEx go ahead make the most of it that’s really our message for today and of us for more such useful pieces of information stay tuned to entrepreneurial ideas

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